Saturday, July 19, 2008

On addictions and the things they make you do...

I have an addictive personality, there's no doubt about it.

That's why I stay away from cigarettes, video games and ridiculously hot boys and I tend to think twice before staring to watch a new TV show or read a new author. Once I become hooked, I tend to give it my all. It happened with tea, photography, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, my start class at Deloitte, cilantro and many more of those small obsessions that make life delightful.

Last weekend I was in NYC, visiting one of my amazing friends when a card reminded me of the importance of our little addictions. New York also borough back with it the memory of those old passions that used to make me so happy: a guy I liked, a salad I couldn't live without, the famous Dunkin Donuts Bavarian cream I used to make Christina stop every 50 miles for.

And then I though of new ones. There's always the new author that captivates my mind (this month she happens to be Isabella Alliende) or new TV that makes me look forward to Monday nights (Weeds) and lately, there are those web services that make me feel closer to SF and my friends every week while I work in Austin. I could blame it all on Min and her excitement for Loopt, Friendfeed and Yelp definitely got me to try them out. But then, who can I blame but myself when one thing let to another and I started to dream about the perfect device to use these wonderful applications? So starting Monday I will be the proud owner of the new and wonderful iPhone 3g.