Sunday, September 28, 2008


Writing my business school applications has put me in an introspective mood. I've been looking for inspiration everywhere, on the weekly planes to Austin, in the cafes where I buy my steamy lattes and in the surprised expressions of the people that sometimes catch me attentively observing them.

But today, as I was sitting on my wooden floor concentrated in introspection, I noticed inspiration all around me. Smiling on my bed, hidden in my dirty laundry basket, on my walls and on the shelves of my bookcase. So, I decided to procrastinate from my very important essays and put them all together, in the middle of the floor, in the same spot that helped me notice them in the first place.

Here they are, the smiling Cow that always reminds me not to take myself too seriously, the pictures of my friends that have always inspired me to go forward, a souvenir from my trips around the world that tells me to never stop exploring. Then, there is the diary of Frida, the artist whose paintings made me cry, reminding me that you can be great in spite of all challenges.

Below them lays my Pandora t shirt that Lucia was amazing enough to send me, proving how you can turn a customer into a passionate fan. Next stands my lens, never failing to show me the world in a new light. On top of it I placed Borges, the writer that always challenges me to believe in magic right next to my iPhone that inspires me to strive one day develop an amazing product.

My tshirt reminds me to observe the world around me looking for solutions neighboring the Graydon's gang t-shirt with the logo I designed, reminding me of Christina and bringing me hope that one day we can beat even the worst diseases. Next to them, stands my amazing family who was always there and pushed me to succeed. Hidden, in a corner, lays The Myers Briggs type book, reminding me of my crazy coworkers that made me laugh and smile through the midst of my hardest projects. My chinese t-shirt I bought while I worked with our team in Hong Kong proves that cultural differences can be overcome and my Loopt and Doostang tshirts that remind me of the constant inspiration Min and Gus give me.

And finally, in the middle of it all, hides the purple marker that reminds me that life in nothing but a whiteboard and it's up to me to turn it my dreams into reality.