Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Changes long long due..

I've been meaning to update my blog for quite a while and what better time to do it than after a long day at work? And talking about work... change has not only to our government, but also to my work life. I joined the Business Development team of Synthasite, a sexy start up dedicated to empowering everyday users to create great looking websites. And with that, came many other changes, somewhat long due:

I became a proud owner of a MacBook Pro and will never look back

I upgraded to Adobe Design Studio Pro CS4 (Thank you Tanushree)

I finally bought a Timbuk2 bag (and got to catch up with Perry at the sale)

My white paper I worked for a while at Deloitte finally got published

I started using twitter and loopt more

As for other news, Tyler just mentioned someone used our eBay toolbar we designed at the d.school to buy a 2007 Corvette ZR1. Cool!

And lastly, have I mentioned how much I like my new job? :)


Ronald said...

hey Mada,
hope you are doing well, glad that you like your job! I just went through a bunch of old pictures yesterday, lots of good times hanging out with you folks! talk to you soon! ~Ronald

Jon Roth said...

Mada, I didn't know you'd changed jobs! Sounds interesting... so I guess you were not in Vegas for Deloitte. Hope to catch up soon!